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How we can help you

Energised Advisers offers expert advisory services to media groups, professional conference organisers and in-house events teams seeking to enhance their business conferences and give their events a lucrative, competitive edge.

We maximise use of time, budget and resources for all parties by ensuring our clients receive a bespoke service from the first day of appointment.

Whether building entirely new concepts, developing existing ideas, or taking the reins on existing events – we deliver a thorough and professional service; from conception, to development, to launch, and beyond.

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Gavin Sutcliffe - Managing Director

Gavin Sutcliffe is an award-winning senior content and editorial professional with 20 years of experience and has expertise in managing conference production, large-scale event content, editorial, press, PR, strategy and committee chairing roles.  During the past 15 years Gavin has led the concept creation and delivery of large-scale business conferences, mostly in the energy, power and transportation sectors. He has expert knowledge of both the upstream and downstream energy & power sectors, with robust technical as well as commercial experience. 


He founded Energised Advisers in 2014, passionate about delivering content & editorial leadership to clients, in managing conference production, large-scale event content, editorial, press, PR, strategy, team leadership, and committee chairing roles. Mr Sutcliffe has worked in many parts of the world including Japan, Korea, China, Russia, the United States, UAE and also Saudi Arabia. 


Mr Sutcliffe has a BA(Hons) degree in history, and a master's degree in advertising & copywriting.  He lives in north west London with his wife and two young children. 


0044 (0)7810 003 125

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