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We can provide:

  • Advisory Board & Governing Body Leadership & Management: We will effectively approach and engage senior industry executives, bringing them into key roles in your conference and event programming committees. With many years’ experience representing companies at an influential level, we can create long-term relationships between your business and senior contacts in your sector and industry.

  • Specialist Conference & Programme Development:  If your business needs  an idea developed from concept, or from your initial event ideas, our proven first-class team can research and then deliver a programme that ‘stands out from the crowd’ – resulting in improved market reputation, quality and profit. Effectively, we can help ‘future-proof’ your event through stronger research and better planning.

  • Industry Expertise: With a track record in developing some of the largest, most prestigious conferences in the world, we can deliver what you need to succeed through unparalleled reach into the industry

  • Editorial, Copywriting & Social Media Skills:  With a strong background in delivering industry-leading news services, original editorial commentary, online & social media platform management; we can deliver excellent communications for your events.  

  • Better Brand Exposure:  If your event requires a brand launch, or involves brand extension work, we can advise on how to best integrate your new concepts into your existing portfolio. Our advisors can create a bespoke plan to drive value from your marketing campaigns and measure the routes of success that offer valuable insight into audience behaviour and engagement.

  • Event Training: If your intentions are to continue your next event cycle in-house, we will advise on resources, budgets and staffing, and train your producers, event managers and sales team to ensure they are event ready. During our management cycle, we can offer consultant shadowing in order to share our expertise and future-proof your event for the next cycle.

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